The Bank of JC

The Bank of JC, a tithing appeal.

I remember when I opened my account with Jesus Christ some many years ago. I didn’t have to fill out an application, get a credit or background check, nor did I have to have an initial deposit. The JC Bank is a gracious and merciful bank; it is totally covered and is the only bank that is I.B.T.B. certified! (Insured by the Blood).  They have the greatest slogan… “Each day with JC Bank is sweeter than the day before…” I must say, I love that slogan. The JC Bank gives out loans to the “least of them” (Matthew 25:40) as well as those with all the riches of the world. The bank assures that all men, women, and children of all races, creeds, and backgrounds are welcome; as a matter of fact, I remember seeing an inscription on the walls of the bank that said whosoever believeth in the JC Bank, their investments shall not perish, but have everlasting return. (John 3:16)

Let me tell you a little bit more about this bank. Within the bank there is a few choices of accounts you can sign up with and you can have multiple depending on your current situation.  There’s the Loaves & Fishes Account (Mark 6:41) that doesn’t yield long term returns, but you will indeed eat and be satisfied. There’s the Moses Account (Numbers 14:33) that will get you out of bondage, but do not expect to receive your reward until after about 40 years of wondering… Oh they also have the Just the Hem account if you just reach out to JC he’ll make sure to make your account WHOLE. (Matthew 9:20-21) In addition, there’s the No Room to Receive Account (Malachi 3:10), that all you have to do is bring the deposits into the physical bank (no ATM deposits allowed) and the bank will pour out its overflowing returns that you’ll have to make withdrawals just to keep your account from being too full.  Also the Abundant Cup Account(Psalm 23:5), all you have to do is give an enemy referral and JC will give you a free prepared table right in front of them….your returns will runneth over.

I mean with all of these choices and the flexibility of the JC Bank, why wouldn’t you open an account? The only thing the JC Bank requires of you is a simple 10% deposit of what they call your “harvest” or “increase” to get the ball rolling; all of these deposits must be made with Faith Checks signed with a Mustard Seed (Matthew 17:20) pen. All checks should be given in person and with a smile and cheerful spirit (2 Corinthians9:7). Once you’ve completed this simple transaction you never have to worry about your ends meeting again. Once you become a member of the JC Bank, you qualify for the Needs Supplied Guarantee (Philippians 4:19) that all of your concerns and worries will be addressed RIGHT ON TIME. As well as the Amazing Grace Protection plan, that it will be sufficient and keep  your account strong even in your weakness.(2 Corinthians 12:9)

So why haven’t you hopped on board with the rest of us? Tithing is a part of our worship and it should be done to the fullest extent of our hearts, bodies, and minds. When was the last time God almost paid your bills, when has He ever almost woke you up? Don’t give God a half-done worship…

With my mustard pen and faith check I give cheerfully today knowing that these dollars will be used to build up OUR church so that other souls can be saved by the Word of God and Joy of his Salvation. This is also a form of worship, celebrate and be glad that you do indeed have SOMETHING to give back to God and the keepers of His house.

–          By: Trent J ACEO

3 Laws of Motion: The GOOD in Enemies

3 Laws of Motion: The Good in Enemies 


’m sure the title of this month’s message, is a bit misleading and actually downright sounds a bit disconnected. What would Newton’s Laws of Motion, Good, and Enemies all have in common and how are they related. Well, I’m going to explain that with three really quick points below.


  • LAW #1: An object that is at rest (or in motion) remains in that state unless acted upon by an outside force.

Pretty obvious right?  Of course if your car is in park it will remain so, until you initiate the engine, switch the gears, and power the engine to accelerate. But sometimes we lose sight of how this relates to our personal lives. If you are in motion, you still continue on that steady path until some enemy, some opposite force, some alternating power comes along and moves you in another direction. This is why some of us enjoy the challenges of our daily jobs, volunteering assignments, or personal life projects. The opposite force acts as an Enemy in the reference to our motion, but a Friend in the perspective of our growth and upward mobility.


I do a lot of Physical Personal training on my time off. In order to build noticeable muscle, you have to push and pull weights in an opposing direction as to fatigue and essentially ‘tear’ your muscle groups. As results become visible eventually you’ll notice that a plateau sets in where they seemingly stop. In order for you to get out of this flat return on investment, you must welcome the additional opposing forces and more difficult circumstances, and workout routines to get closer to the apex of your fitness goals. This point is simple, though you are in motion please do not avoid challenges that will help you grow and discount them as enemies. They are actually there to mold and develop you.


  • LAW #2 The vector sum of the force (net force) on an object is equal to the object’s mass multiplied by its acceleration. (Say Whaaa?)

Now in reading this one I was a little hesitant to how I was going to tie this one into our discussion with enemies.  Here we’ll need to relate mass,  velocity (speed in a given direction), acceleration (vector product of velocity), and momentum. All of which are related via various commutative properties. (It’s the engineer in me…. You can easily find some simplified formulas on google J )   Mass: This is defined as your weight times gravity, however metaphorically we’re going to say this is your personal state of mind. If you have a solid mass, you may not be open to change, and typically resist it keeping you in a comfortable bubble that never changes, doing the same thing day in and day out. A more fluid, or even airy mass would mean you can conform or better adapt to your surroundings and make them work for you. Velocity: Is simply the direction you are going and how much distance you cover in a given time. Are you going up, down, in circles? Take a look at your life and measure your progress and think about velocity. And Acceleration (your speed 2) times that aforementioned mass, will give you Force.


Now that the math part is over, let’s make it a bit simpler. Force can be considered as your personal Life Force. The Drive that wakes you up, The “WHY” to keep going, the desire to take on new experiences, and write new chapters in your life book. Is your life force dormant, though you are getting up and completing tasks daily, are you truly covering any ground? Let’s focus on that life force and how to harness it to increase our velocity, which has a direct relation to accelerating exponentially. As you increase velocity in most cases, you find yourself encountering friction which would be the enemy in this scenario. Friction makes things warm, it wears you out, it makes you wonder should you slow down, change direction, or just stop. NO! Your Life force must be strong enough to overcome these thoughts, and misleading views of friction. That’s where your mass, state of mind, comes in. As you encounter more enemies, and more forces working against you, it takes a conscious and persistent development of the mind and will power to harness adequate life Force to overcome them.


  • LAW #3 When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body exerts a force equal in magnitude, and opposite in direction on the first body.

Wait a minute Newton, so you’re telling me even when I want to move just a little, I have an enemy force just waiting to work against me? For lack of a better phrase, this actually just sucks. Or does it? Knowing that you will always have a force acting against you at any level, any stage, any direction, prepares you to learn how to develop momentum. You notice how it’s difficult to get started, but as you progress: developing your mass, picking up velocity and acceleration, creating a viable Life Force, you create momentum.


Yes momentum, this is such a great word to relate to the ongoing March Madness right now. When a basketball team gets “hot” their forced turnovers, increase in 2/3 point shots, and fast breaks create a momentum that allows them to perform at their top levels. You’ll notice their “enemies” try to stop this momentum by calling a timeout to catch you off your game. Though they have a team that’s exerting an equal and opposite force against them, because they have mastered the concept of the other objects of motion relativity they perform at a level that overcomes their enemies at a constant rate. Once you recognize your enemies, you expose their weaknesses and strengthen yourself to defeat that “so-called” equal and opposite force.



So how do the laws apply to your life? Are your enemies acting against you in a way that’s keeping you motionless? Are they convincing you that change or growth would be too hard and cause additional stress? Are you currently accelerating, but lack momentum? Do you welcome change and the challenges that come into your life?   Good questions to meditate on for some time. However, I leave you with this. The Necessity of Enemies is crucial to personal, professional, and purpose-driven life. Don’t try to avoid challenges, otherwise you’ll find yourself in a vacuum of sameness.

Dare to Dream. Dare to Go. Dare to Grow.


With Passion, Purpose, & Pride,

 Trent J ACEO


A Father’s First Lesson (The 4 P’s) – June 2014

A Fathers First Lesson (The 4 P’s)– June 2014 (Father’s Day)


“Good night Honey”, said my wife. “Good night Baby,” as I leaned over and gave her a kiss. “Oh, I forgot to tell Zoe good night. I quickly rolled out of bed and down to my daughter’s room as she was waiting for me to tuck her in. (Just as I did every night). “Daddy!” she exclaimed, “you’re late, it’s passed my bedtime.”  I know sweetheart, I was trying to tuck Mommy into bed too.  But don’t worry I’m here now. I told her good night, and tucked her in returning to bed with my wife.

Now what I didn’t know that tonight wasn’t going to be a good night. It was going to be a terrible and horrible night. I had no clue that when I rolled over, and fell into a deep REM sleep, that the next few moments would be those that changed my life forever. On this Father’s Day, I’d like to share with you what happened that unforgettable evening.

The night ended just like any other night with me tucking in my favorite girls my wife of 6 years, and my 10 year old daughter. We had just celebrated Zoe’s 10th birthday, and needless to say we were all exhausted spending the entire Saturday with 8-10 year olds hyped up on candy and soda! You would think that a 10 year old wouldn’t be so expensive, well I’m here to tell you I’m dreading her ‘sweet sixteen’. Nonetheless, that’s my baby. What I wouldn’t do for my little princess. I’m sure you feel the same way? Zoe is what we like to call a Daddy’s girl, like many little girls they find themselves extremely attached to their fathers and just as equally their fathers to them. I was no different, from the time I awoke to the time I went to bed my mind was full of thoughts and dreams of my family. However, never had I ever dreamt of what was to come next.

Life is precious you know. As hard as we try as parents, especially as a Black father it seems as if we can never get it right. I’d like to think I was something like the perfect parent, at least that’s what my daughter thought and as long as she was happy I was happy. I have to admit, I’ve spoiled her quite a bit. Clothes, shoes, dolls, bikes you name it! We had just got her involved in cheerleading, and music lessons. Not to mention, I had just recently taught her how to ride a bike and took her to her first Daddy-Daughter Dance. She’s a very smart girl, what I wouldn’t give to give her the world. However, it was what happened last night that would change my life forever.

Late that night as I began to fall asleep, I heard a soft knock at the door.  I thought I was trippin’, so I ignored it. A few minutes later, I heard a knock at the door again except this time it was with a bit more force. I decided I would run downstairs and see who it was that could be knocking at this hour. I rolled out of bed, threw on my robe and rushed downstairs to do just that. Approaching the door, looking through the peep hole I noticed a bright light but when I opened it no one was there. I looked around the patio area, and out into the yard as far as I could see.  Assuming someone was playing around in the neighborhood, I quickly returned to bed.

Next I heard my daughter saying ‘Daddy’. This time I woke up out of my sleep immediately, and rushed over to her room. ‘Yes, Baby?’. No response. My daughter was sound asleep. Now at this point I felt like I was losing my mind. Was I dreaming? Was somebody playing tricks on me? Mildly confused and frustrated something was disturbing my sleep, I stormed back to bed determined to go to sleep ignoring any future distractions. But it’s what I heard next that I would never forget.

Just as I was dozing off, I heard a loud scream from around the corner. I was certain it was my daughter and I rushed to her room again. From a restless night, to an unbelievable nightmare Zoe was screaming to the top of her lungs in what appeared as excruciating pain. Jerking back and forth in her bed, she began to foam at the mouth by the time I got to her bedside. “Zoe!” I exclaimed. “Zoe are you ok!?” Her screams began getting softer and softer, until eventually her mouth was so full of foam that no sound could break through. My wife had called the police and joined me by Zoe’s bedside as we tried our best to rectify the situation. By the time the EMS arrived, it was obvious that Zoe had stopped breathing. No pulse, no reaction to me calling her name.. My one and only daughter was dead. Without warning, my innocent little princess had left me just that fast.

I stood lifeless likewise as we followed the paramedics to the hospital and watched them declare her ‘officially’ dead moments later. What a tragedy. “A parent should never have to bury their own child,’ I heard some of the nurses whispering behind the curtains of the room next to ours. I was distraught, and torn apart. My wife tried her best to keep it together but between the both of us, we could not find peace.

Days later, we proceeded to plan and go through the homegoing ceremony of our great daughter. As it came time to give remarks before the eulogy I stood before my wife, my parents and in-laws, a host of other family and friends, and most surprisingly many of Zoe’s friends from school. I stood up and said, today is not a day to be sad, but a day to celebrate life. That’s what every person is supposed to say right? Today is going to be a day that we celebrate the very short time we all had to experience with my daughter. As a father, I remember all of the little meaningful times in her life. Her first bath, first time eating solid food, her first steps, first day of school, first straight ‘A’ report card, her first time riding a bike, and most recently her 10th birthday. Those are the times that truly matter.  Those are the things I want to remember, and will keep close to me. Likewise for all of you I’m sure there are times that all of you can hone in on that give you your greatest memory of my sweet little princess. Looking up I said, “Zoe, I know that you’re looking down on us and you’ll always be Daddy’s guardian angel.” We concluded our services and returned home to try and make sense of the days ahead.

As I lay down, I heard a very soft voice say, ‘Daddy’. I ignored it as it made me very uneasy knowing my Zoe was not there. Over and over I kept hearing ‘Daddy, wake up; Daddy wake up help me…’  I began to cry and even sob a little as I got out of bed and bowed my head. ‘Lord, why are you messing with me? You took my child and now you taunt me with voices like hers!’ I got up, and walked in fear to Zoe’s room. (We had cleaned up the room and set it up as if she wasn’t even gone)  To my surprise as I pushed through the door, a dim light was showing and I pushed it open further and my sweet princess was sitting on the bed weeping. HONEY?! ZOE?! MY GOD Is that you?! I said. Yes Daddy. “How, what, are you an angel?! “No… Daddy… I am not.” “What do you mean you’re not? You were the sweetest little girl” I exclaimed!

The door slammed behind me and Zoe began to explain in a soft and weeping voice. “Well Daddy….. As I grew up you taught me a lot of things, you taught me how to ride a bike, taught me how to study hard, taught me how to play basketball, how to play the piano, how to tie my shoes, even taught me how to dance. However Daddy, you didn’t teach me about Jesus Christ.”  My eyes grew wide and my mouth dropped. “But sweetheart, we went to church occasionally.” I said hoping this would make it seem like I hadn’t just condemned my daughter to eternal damnation. “Yes Daddy, we went to church, but you never taught me how to be the church. You never showed me what it meant to believe, and serve Christ. And because I did not believe, God rejected me at the gates.  Sobbing uncontrollably, “Zoe….. how.. how… can… I… fix it…” I said in broken speech.   She replied, “You can’t Father. Your chance has passed you, it is all in God’s hands now….” Zoe began to fade as the floor seem to drop beneath us and I watched what I assumed was the soul of my daughter fade into a black hole lost forever……

I screamed to the top of my lungs… “ZOOOEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!” As I did so, I felt a tug on my shoulder. “Yes Daddy, why are you screaming my name? You woke me up.” Zoe said in confusion. “Baby,” I said “Are you real?” “Haha, silly Yes I’m real….. you woke me up out my sleep.”  I reached and grabbed her with tears rolling down my face! “Sweetheart, I love you so much I thought I had lost you.” I said to her she still trying to figure out what I was talking about.  I let her go, and told her to go get ready she and I were going to go to Church, I had some new things to teach and show her.  She said ok, and began walking off.  “Oh Daddy….” She said from the door, “Happy Father’s Day!”

Turns out I had a terrible dream, and what seemed so real it brought me to sweat and tears in the morning. I’m telling you this story from one father to another… There is NOTHING greater that you can teach your child than how to believe, serve, and love Jesus Christ. Better than anything in school, any sport, any dance, any saying; Nothing more than how to be a true minister of the gospel through your child’s/children’s words, actions and ultimately their life. It goes without saying that this is first learned by observation. Your children will mimic and show favor to the things by which you make a priority in your own life. Put God first…. And all things will fall into place.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the biological, and step-in fathers in the world today. Understand your duty  is more than just to be a Provider, Professor, and Protector, but most importantly the Preacher of your home.

God Bless.


With Passion, Purpose, and Pride,


Trent J ACEO


Incremental Wealth Part I

Incremental Wealth – July 2013

This past week, my memory verse was one that reassured me that one does not have to be ‘poor’ or go without in order to live a righteous life. The verse is: But remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your ancestors, as it is today. – Deuteronomy 8:18


As I reflected over the scripture itself, I found myself being encouraged to use the talents in which God has gifted me to better myself, my family, and my community.  In the ACEO Success Acquisition model there are 4 pillars that serve as the principles for this aforementioned acquisition: Worship, Wisdom, Wellness, and Wealth respectively.  I’ve noticed I haven’t offered you all enough tips on how to avoid debt, become financially literate, and becoming financially independent. So I want to start off by providing some tips that have worked for me to get us started on this journey.




  • Save 10% of What You Earn.

As a Christian, I’ve always been taught to tithe. Though I can’t convince all of my readers to give their first 10% of their paycheck to a church, I do encourage this recommendation. By committing to putting away 10% each month, you begin to build a reserve. I started this around the time I was 13, and it’s amazing how creating this habit of ‘paying it forward’ first has improved not only my financial situation, but spiritual as well.

  • Don’t Charge an Amount NOT in your Bank Account.

I must admit, this is a principle that I’ve applied to my personal finances, and it’s served me quite well. I figure as long as you’re not purchasing a car, or a home, there’s really no reason to charge up a credit card to a balance that you can’t pay off immediately. By dragging payments out over months and months, you end up spending more money that you would paying with cash, or paying it off in the first month. Thus, when you are trying to decide whether to go out, or how much to spend, check your bank account first. If you don’t have it, don’t charge it.

  • Avoid Get Rich Schemes

If it’s too good to be true, it is. Simple!  There are hundreds, and thousands of “opportunities” if you will promising you great wealth, with minimal effort, and minimal initial investment. Learn how to discern between reasonable opportunities to increase your income, and those just meant to promise you quick wealth. Wealth is the knowledge by which to acquire abundant goods and services, not the amount of said goods and services that one possesses. That knowledge can only be obtained over time, and the wealth that comes with it can only be maintained with that knowledge.

  • If You Need to Borrow for a WANT, Go without It.

It gets under my skin when people borrow money for things they absolutely do not need. If it’s not relative to a roof over your head, bills being paid, or food then chances are you don’t need it. Learn how to control your variable expenses by kicking useless habits, and by spending money on wants when your needs are lacking. If you’re going to impose this debt on yourself, also impose a deadline between you are the borrower on when you will pay it back. Stick to it.

  • Don’t Spend a Check You Haven’t Received.

Bonuses, tax-returns, inheritances, expected lotteries. All examples of “boost income” scenarios in which people come-up quickly on an amount of income outside of their regular expected pay. These end up being those that can make or break the level of incremental wealth that you obtain in life. For these ‘unexpected’ or ‘boost incomes’ DO NOT spend every dime of it, before you even receive it. Use these as opportunities to quickly upgrade your financial situation. Invest 75% – 100% of these boosts. If the truth be told, you weren’t expecting what you’re receiving so by investing it, your day to day won’t change, however your long-term financial goal will be one step closer.

  • Decrease Variable Expenses.

This can be a tricky one. On my budget sheet that I use I have a section called variable expenses. This group of expenses includes but is not limited to: gas, groceries, and utilities. From month to month these will slightly vary based off of time at home, visiting friends, traveling, and the seasons. Train yourself to be able to live off less. You can’t do much about your rent month to month, but you can control how much of your utilities you use, the amount of grocery store trips you make, and being aware of how much gas you’re burning. Try to find ways to cut $5 – $10 off per bill cycle. It definitely adds up!

  • Take Advantage of Rewards Programs, & Coupons

My name is Trent J, and I am a couponer. I use apps, clipped coupons, Groupon, living social, Google offers, and have an Amazon Credit card that I receive great reward points on for my every day purchases. One thing that has shifted my perspective on my financial situation is learning how to invest in everything and spend on nothing. Every time money exchanges hands, I expect to be receiving something in return whether its reward points, money off another item, or buy in to other saving opportunities. Yes it is somewhat time consuming but a few minutes here and there, add up to incremental savings over time.



I hope these tips are helpful to you and your financial situation. As you know the principles of ACEO Global are Worship, Wisdom, Wellness, and Wealth.  Wealth is an essential part of balancing our your success and happiness balance. Enjoy and share with others!



With Passion, Purpose, & Pride


Trent J ACEO








How to Get Whatever You Want from God

Lord, Please give me the desires of my heart … If it be your will. But God, if my desires are NOT IN YOUR WILL … remove them from my Heart. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Have you ever read Psalm 37:4? It simply says: Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.   What a great peace of scripture it is. We as believers read this Psalm, which can be a book of comfort in high emotional time, with great joy. It reminds us that if we just take delight in the Lord, that He will give us whatever we ask for. Not quite…

Did you take the time to read the next verse? “Commit your way to the Lord, trust in Him, and He will do this. Psalm 37:5. Hmmm, So wait. You mean to tell me it’s not simply about being delightful? I have to commit my works to God, then Trust Him, and only then will He do what He said in verse 4?  Interesting.

Let’s take a look:

In the prayer above, We ask God to remove those desires from our Heart that are not in His will. I must admit this is a very difficult request of God. If you think about the things that you like to do in your own life, especially those things that are not of God… i.e. “Your Favorite Sin” asking Him to remove the desire to indulge in them is a bit difficult. If the truth be told, many of us have told ourselves that we won’t give up that favorite sin until later in life, because why? “Lord knows our hearts.” (But that’s another writing).  Isn’t this quite hypocritical. We want God to give us the desires of our heart, not realizing those desires are not of God. Why would God give you a desire not prefaced by his divine guidance… that blessing is too little for our God.

He gives clear instructions on how to get whatever we want from Him. I’ve listed them out below:


Delight, defined as a high degree of gratification, Joy, or extreme satisfacation. The first of the instructions of God on how to get whatever we want. We have to put ourselves in such a place with God that we are extremely satisfied in Who He Is, What’s He’s Done, and what He’s preparing to Do. Some of us refuse to get in this kind of relationship with God… we want all the other things of this World not realizing that all those things must be let go and total focus must be on Him. Some of us never get past this first step, because we’ve occupied our times with WORRYING about any and every little thing of our lives. Trying to do it on our own, instead of being obedient and simply… taking delight.

  1. Commit

Commit, make a promise or to carry into action deliberately, all your works. What does that mean? Well it means that in EVERYTHING you do, do it for God. Realize that the desires of your heart, if they are in God’s will, will require you to do some words and reap some great inheritances. Never get too caught up in the gift, that you forget the giver. If you are an engineer, be that. Engineer great creations with the belief that God has endowed you with the opportunities to be where you are now, to perform great works in the shared delight you all have. In everything you do Thank God, and in every plan you execute consult God first. Commitment in it’s finest form.

  1. Trust 

Trust, assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, and truth of something or someone. The definition of Trust alone when thinking in the realm of whom God is, is a blessing all in itself. Trust in God. Trust Him to order your steps, to order your stops. Trust Him when things are going good, Trust him when things are going bad. Trust Him even when He doesn’t seem to be around. Trust & Faith are going hand in hand here. When you are in a delightful relationship with God, committing your works…. you have no choice but to trust God.  A walk with God is like a a dark tunnel. You can only see where you came from, and where you’re going… but it’s the journey in the tunnel that you never know what you may encounter. But the greatest thing about Trust in God is no matter what happens in that tunnel… You will get to the other side.

So how do you get whatever you want from God? Simple. Delight. Commit. and Trust. He gave us these instructions and all we have to do is follow them. Be obedient. I promise you it works. Stop asking for God to give you the lottery, a boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. Trust me, if it was for you at this time you wouldn’t be able to STOP God from giving it to you. He’s trying to see if He can trust you with the little that He’s given you to give you even more…

Apply this formula and watch what the outcome will be. God is just waiting to show you How great He is IN you. Don’t stop Him. Delight. Commit and Trust. NO other way around it. Be Encouraged. and Be Great.

With Passion, Purpose, & Pride, 

– Trent J ACEO