About Me

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Trent T. Johnson (Trent J ACEO)

Trent Johnson, most commonly known as Trent J and founder of Live ACEO, is a boundless visionary and self-proclaimed ‘Social Entrepreneur’. Born and raised an only child from Dallas, TX, he  values his family more than anything. A servant leader, and natural up-lifter, Trent has always found pride and joy in being able to offer stimulating motivation whether it be about Faith, via non-conventional wisdom, wellness and health, or even financial stewardship.

An HBCU scholar, Trent J graduated from Prairie View A&M University obtaining two bachelor degrees: Computer Engineering & Electrical Engineers respectively. During his years in college he was on a fast track to success, and was pulling up as many other colleagues as he could to the top. But in the Fall of 2009 while Trent was serving as the SGA Vice President, allegations associated with Hazing incidents that a fraternity He aspired to join caused an immediate halt and redirection in his life. Causing a loss of scholarship, room and board, vice president position, and every ounce of credibility to his name.

It was at this time, that Trent J formed the idea of Live ACEO. Living ACEO was how he structured his life to cope and recover from a loss of confidence, loss of money, loss of faith,  and simply being in a position where when he thought he was doing all the right things, positioned him in a situation with seemingly nothing.  During the following Spring and Summer Live ACEO came to life. He has helped others to invest to transform their lives via the pillars of Worship, Wisdom, Wellness, and Wealth ever since.

He now works as a Digital Consultant for Accenture based in Houston, TX. In addition to his professional career, Trent J  has set out to share the Live ACEO experience by sparking the call to action for communities to invest in their own transformation both individually, and collectively. Moreover, he serves faithfully as a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., his Church, and various professional and service organizations in the area.