Nice for What | GreekNik 2018


By now it’s no secret that a large group of young black professionals have literally BROKE the internet with elegant professional photos capturing the experience of mainland Greece and the isles of Santorini and Mykonos. Via the Instagram hashtag #GreekNik2018 they have created a window into a inexplicable experience where  this travel group visited Ancient Greece in mid may.

One of the most amazing realities is the sheer number of individuals that assembled together with the number around 130-140 at any given moment! Professionals in their 20’s and 30’s from all over the United States, and even some that lived abroad. Just like the popular Dubai Flight glitch a few years ago, this likewise started with a flight deal that offered a majority of people a round-trip flight from Newark to Athens for less than $400.  Thanks to the Travel Crew: “We Stay Traveling” (@westaytraveling) they quickly put a ‘Group Me’ room together, and coordinated all facets of the trip in a matter of months.


Lesson 1:   Book First, ask questions later.

I had missed a few other international trips before. Why you ask?  Because I spent too much time trying to analyze every single minute detail instead of booking first and asking questions later. This time I refused to miss out. Thankfully we caught the deal. Shortly after began working out housing, transportation, and things to do over time. Worked out perfectly. So let that be the first piece of advice…Stay ready, then you won’t have to get ready.


Lesson 2: Keep that Same Energy

This trip along with the others are not for the faint at heart. There is a level of energy and consistent good vibes that were unanimously agreed upon to maintain throughout the entire time we were abroad. KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY! Being exclaimed all throughout the days and nights as we progressed. But it was more than just sleeping less, and taking more shots, but it an ode to life beyond our vacation. The momentum of good energy was being passed to and through each person to heighten the overall experience. If you are not a believer in energy, this type of experience will certainly change that.


Lesson 3: Balance is Key

“Find you somebody that can do both”. What does that mean you ask?  Well, when you take a deeper look into the magnificent melanated moguls behind those pictures you’ll find a cavalry of extremely successful individuals in careers that span a wide range.  See the locals may have thought we were just a bunch of kids visiting Greece, but behind the rap lyric quotin’, tenacious twerking, and Iphone portrait mode selfie taking group was a physical manifestation of Dubois’  Talented tenth.  But with a cultural twist… We exuded the made-popular term ‘sophista-ratchet’. Now you may not be familiar with this urban vernacular, so let me try and give you some examples:

It’s the pulling out your devotional first thing in the morning, and still being the life of the party, or maybe it’s a quick shady interchange between a dentist spraying a bottle of Moet and a lawyer getting blown up by clients on a yacht ; or maybe it’s a young black physician that just finished his Orals for Board certification, and buying bottles of Johnny Walker on the beach,  or maybe it’s a restaurant owner that astounds us all buy packing for 10 days with a carry on, or personal trainers that also serve as Instagram models, and just possibly it’s project managers that aren’t afraid to climb on a bar and dance the night away, or possibly an engineer that’s a bounce music hype man, or a pharmacist with a gwara gwara that’s video vixen worthy, or debates about religion and Cardi B lyrics while on a tour of a Mykonos vineyard.  The energy and vibes reverberating from these magnificent melanated moguls was about leaving behind their professional lives to let it all out.  Everybody fed off the energy of the next and leveled up as the days went by. These are no ordinary people: stock brokers, sales reps, trainers, motivational speakers, entrepreneurs, project managers, trainers, nurses, engineers, educators, consultants, actuaries, doctors, brand reps, lawyers, dentists, executive chefs you name it!


New connections. New relationships. Everlasting memories. No regrets. I hope this story inspires you to do what you’ve always wanted to do no matter your current circumstances. If you love to travel, do it. If you love to write, do it. If you love to speak, do it.  If you love to create art, do it. If you love to cook, do it.  If you love to serve, do it.  Nice for what?  Don’t ALLOW meaningless small barriers drop false fear into your life and have you putting off what you were called to do now.

In closing, the world is waiting on you to let it out. To stop holding back; break out of that shell and live your best life!!!

Follow @westaytraveling and check out the hashtag for some of the awe inspiring views of the Greek isles and the beautiful people who conquered it. Not to mention the next flight deal!


And remember:  Protect your peace. Live your life. Eat your vegetables. Drink your water. Love hard. Laugh often. Use your Shea butter. Properly moisturize. Get your rest. Meet new people. But most importantly:   Travel the world.


Live ACEO 


. With Passion, Purpose, and Pride,

Trent J ACEO