5 Lessons from Disney’s The Lion King

It’s no secret that one of my favorite childhood movies as “The Lion King”.  But what I didn’t realize growing up all of the lessons that Disney hid in the characters, the dialogue, and the locations hidden within the movie.  I was reviewing some of my favorite moments, and decided to reflect on lessons I picked up on and wanted to share.



Scene 1 : “Inheritance” 

In this scene, Mufassa takes Simba away from the pack and speaks to him alone. “Everything the light touches, is our kingdom….. A King’s time as ruler rises and falls like the sun, one day the sun will set on my time here and will rise with you as the new king.

This short 45 second scene is a symbol of how us as Fathers and leaders of our own ‘packs’ must speak life and royalty into the lives of our offspring. Showing them the kingdom which awaits their full maturation. It also introduces a hard conversation that we as a people don’t like to have in preparation for death and handing over the torch. The ‘kingdom’ is Simba’s inheritance from His Father and those before him, what kingdom are you leaving your children so that may experience life more abundantly because of your sacrifice?


Scene 2: “No Worries” 

In this scene(s) of Lion King, Simba meets Timon and Pumba. They help raise Simba from this deep oppressive and depressing state of mind. Introducing him to the concept of ‘Hakuna Matata’ ( a Swahili phrase translating to ‘no trouble, no worries’).

It’s important to have a time like this in our lives that we are focused on discovering ourselves, eating new foods, traveling to new places, and allowing our purpose to take form in whatever capacity that is. Timon and Pumba had one flaw though, they did not recognize Simba for the King that he was. Having people around that don’t recognize when you’re living beyond your calling can be dangerous. And yet they were content with having a friend at the top of the food chain… *

Be careful not to rest in this careless and carefree state for too long, there’s a purpose for you to fulfill and people depending on you to use your gift to transform the world.


Scene 3 : “You Are More than What You’ve Become…”

Rafiki was trying to teach more than Simba a lesson: “You are more than what you’ve become….” … Remember WHO you are, Acknowledge WHOSE you are… Rafiki literally took him away from his carefree life of Timon and Pumba and reminded him that he had a larger calling on His life to be a King and it was time to grow up and live out his purpose. It’s amazing what being led to WATER and forced to deal with the man/woman in the mirror.


Scene 4: “The Past Hurts…”

Here Rafiki slams Simba across the head to teach him a lesson about the Past.

Simba after confronting his shortcomings with His father admits he’s spent all this time bug eating and chillin because he was afraid to face his past essentially RUNNING from a lie. *

Truth is the Past can hurt, and facing it head on can be extremely intimdating with lots of doubt. However, how long are you going to run away from the truth? How many ppl will suffer on ‘pride rock’ because you have too much of it…to face the truth and grow? *

Don’t let a moment hold you back from a mountain there are people counting on you in this world.

Scene 3

Scene 5: “The Right Person, but the Wrong Time”

n the early part of the movie, Zazu told Nala and Simba that they had been “bethrowed” or planned to be married…their reaction in the top of the pic. DISGUSTED.

About 2/3 of the movie they are reunited and share never before affection, reaction in bottom pic.

I believe this is where the idea “The Right Person at the Wrong time” comes into play. Sometimes we’ve known “The One” for a long time in our lives but some maturation has to take place for one another to appreciate and realize that its more than a casual affection for one another. Simba literally had to go away, get out all his foolishness, and be reminded of His calling before He could ever lead Nala and the kingdom. Likewise Nala though much more mature grew up and learned what a Real King is supposed to be, standing up to Scar and not settling since he was the “king” *

Fellas, you can call yourself a King but until you put away childish ways you’ll never get your Queen or Kingdom. Ladies, don’t settle for a man that may look like a king but obviously doesn’t know what one is supposed to do. Live out your purpose and let God direct you !


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