The Bank of JC

The Bank of JC, a tithing appeal.

I remember when I opened my account with Jesus Christ some many years ago. I didn’t have to fill out an application, get a credit or background check, nor did I have to have an initial deposit. The JC Bank is a gracious and merciful bank; it is totally covered and is the only bank that is I.B.T.B. certified! (Insured by the Blood).  They have the greatest slogan… “Each day with JC Bank is sweeter than the day before…” I must say, I love that slogan. The JC Bank gives out loans to the “least of them” (Matthew 25:40) as well as those with all the riches of the world. The bank assures that all men, women, and children of all races, creeds, and backgrounds are welcome; as a matter of fact, I remember seeing an inscription on the walls of the bank that said whosoever believeth in the JC Bank, their investments shall not perish, but have everlasting return. (John 3:16)

Let me tell you a little bit more about this bank. Within the bank there is a few choices of accounts you can sign up with and you can have multiple depending on your current situation.  There’s the Loaves & Fishes Account (Mark 6:41) that doesn’t yield long term returns, but you will indeed eat and be satisfied. There’s the Moses Account (Numbers 14:33) that will get you out of bondage, but do not expect to receive your reward until after about 40 years of wondering… Oh they also have the Just the Hem account if you just reach out to JC he’ll make sure to make your account WHOLE. (Matthew 9:20-21) In addition, there’s the No Room to Receive Account (Malachi 3:10), that all you have to do is bring the deposits into the physical bank (no ATM deposits allowed) and the bank will pour out its overflowing returns that you’ll have to make withdrawals just to keep your account from being too full.  Also the Abundant Cup Account(Psalm 23:5), all you have to do is give an enemy referral and JC will give you a free prepared table right in front of them….your returns will runneth over.

I mean with all of these choices and the flexibility of the JC Bank, why wouldn’t you open an account? The only thing the JC Bank requires of you is a simple 10% deposit of what they call your “harvest” or “increase” to get the ball rolling; all of these deposits must be made with Faith Checks signed with a Mustard Seed (Matthew 17:20) pen. All checks should be given in person and with a smile and cheerful spirit (2 Corinthians9:7). Once you’ve completed this simple transaction you never have to worry about your ends meeting again. Once you become a member of the JC Bank, you qualify for the Needs Supplied Guarantee (Philippians 4:19) that all of your concerns and worries will be addressed RIGHT ON TIME. As well as the Amazing Grace Protection plan, that it will be sufficient and keep  your account strong even in your weakness.(2 Corinthians 12:9)

So why haven’t you hopped on board with the rest of us? Tithing is a part of our worship and it should be done to the fullest extent of our hearts, bodies, and minds. When was the last time God almost paid your bills, when has He ever almost woke you up? Don’t give God a half-done worship…

With my mustard pen and faith check I give cheerfully today knowing that these dollars will be used to build up OUR church so that other souls can be saved by the Word of God and Joy of his Salvation. This is also a form of worship, celebrate and be glad that you do indeed have SOMETHING to give back to God and the keepers of His house.

–          By: Trent J ACEO

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