Blind Faith


I was having an interesting conversation with a friend of mine about a nutritional company, that sells health and wellness products. He personally reached out to me, because I’d been involved with the multi-level-marketing company for over 5 years.  We sat and discussed it for quite some time, and then he told me a story, that quickly changed the entire premise of our conversation. How we went from an opportunity meeting about this company, to describing our relationship with Christ, I’ll never know. Below is a short version of the account:


Working feverishly,  I received a text from a long-time college buddy B.Samp. He and I had been friends since my days back at Prairie View and kept in touch especially along conversations involving fitness. He reached out because he said that he came home one day, and noticed a flyer on his door that read: “Want to make an extra $500 – $1000 a month? “ and “Would you like to be a health coach?”, me knowing the marketing approaches, immediately recognized this. Samp mentioned that since he was a certified and licensed personal trainer this sounded like an excellent opportunity.

He scheduled some time with the representative, and the gentleman, a very fit and in-shape ex-NFL player, sat with Samp and gave him some more information on the opportunity, although he never mentioned the company itself. He then followed up that short discussion, by inviting him to a meeting. It was once he showed up to the meeting that he realized that exactly what he walked into.

At the meeting various ‘leaders’ from the team gave testimonies, though not personal ones, and the meeting drug on and on. Though Samp tried to leave, positioning them at the front of the room made it very difficult for him to do so.  Now: It was not the events that led up to attending this meeting that struck me but it was two conversations he had shortly after the meeting.

Didn’t Work For Me:

Samp and the original representative that invited him to the meeting sat down to discuss Herbalife. In short, Samp told the rep that the products didn’t really work for him and that it would be difficult to sell something that he couldn’t personally provide a testimony for (noticing that’s what all of them had done was show other people’s results). The representative surprised, “They didn’t?”  Samp replied, no, I have a buddy that sold me some times before and it didn’t quite go with my goals and training style.

Try This Tea:

After following up in a conversation with the rep, he found himself speaking with another lady about one of the Tea concentrate products. The lady said: “Sir, you should try this tea! It helps to speed up your metabolism!”   Samp, very irritated at this point figured he’d press this issue a little further. He responded by reinforcing the lady and asking her how does it do that? What’s in it? (This is when things got interesting). She said it has… well… a bunch of… I’m actually not sure.  Giving her a very stern look, he asks: “So how are you going to tell me what a product does, and to try it if you don’t know anything about it, where it came from, what’s in it, or how it works. Expecting she’d be speechless, she actually had a response:  “Well I know the guy that created it, I don’t know all the details but He has a lot of accolades and I trust His work.”



When Samp told me this, I immediately was struck with an analogy to Christian living. I stopped him in his story and said, I think I know the reason you went to that meeting. He said what do you mean?

I began speaking (pretty much just what was fresh in my mind at the time). That lady has faith in a man she’s never met, and willing to try his products simply because of who he is.  I paused, Samp kind of gave a “so what are you getting at” type response.   Continuing on, I began discussing how this lines up with our relationship with Christ!

We come into the faith because we HEAR about a man named Jesus that was born a virgin, crucified, buried, and risen on the 3rd day; and by this act the sins of the world are forgiven.  Even as those that have been in the faith a long time, they find themselves continuing to comeback to Christ because of what His accolades and His past miracles have been. We’ve seen God do so much in our lives, and in the lives of our friends and loved ones that we believe in HIS product and works. And to align with her BLIND faith, we’ve not seen God but we believe. We definitely don’t understand all the details of His ways, but we TRUST Him anyhow.

In a sermon I attended yesterday, the pastor provided a motif of “The Lord works in mysterious ways, when He performs His works.” It’s the mystery of God that we are continually awestruck by, but it’s the perpetual reaffirmation that all things are coming together for OUR good, that keep us pushing.

Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” John 20:29


With Passion, Purpose, and Pride,


Trent J ACEO



Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement for Herbalife, Inc. products or use.


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