3 Laws of Motion: The GOOD in Enemies

3 Laws of Motion: The Good in Enemies 


’m sure the title of this month’s message, is a bit misleading and actually downright sounds a bit disconnected. What would Newton’s Laws of Motion, Good, and Enemies all have in common and how are they related. Well, I’m going to explain that with three really quick points below.


  • LAW #1: An object that is at rest (or in motion) remains in that state unless acted upon by an outside force.

Pretty obvious right?  Of course if your car is in park it will remain so, until you initiate the engine, switch the gears, and power the engine to accelerate. But sometimes we lose sight of how this relates to our personal lives. If you are in motion, you still continue on that steady path until some enemy, some opposite force, some alternating power comes along and moves you in another direction. This is why some of us enjoy the challenges of our daily jobs, volunteering assignments, or personal life projects. The opposite force acts as an Enemy in the reference to our motion, but a Friend in the perspective of our growth and upward mobility.


I do a lot of Physical Personal training on my time off. In order to build noticeable muscle, you have to push and pull weights in an opposing direction as to fatigue and essentially ‘tear’ your muscle groups. As results become visible eventually you’ll notice that a plateau sets in where they seemingly stop. In order for you to get out of this flat return on investment, you must welcome the additional opposing forces and more difficult circumstances, and workout routines to get closer to the apex of your fitness goals. This point is simple, though you are in motion please do not avoid challenges that will help you grow and discount them as enemies. They are actually there to mold and develop you.


  • LAW #2 The vector sum of the force (net force) on an object is equal to the object’s mass multiplied by its acceleration. (Say Whaaa?)

Now in reading this one I was a little hesitant to how I was going to tie this one into our discussion with enemies.  Here we’ll need to relate mass,  velocity (speed in a given direction), acceleration (vector product of velocity), and momentum. All of which are related via various commutative properties. (It’s the engineer in me…. You can easily find some simplified formulas on google J )   Mass: This is defined as your weight times gravity, however metaphorically we’re going to say this is your personal state of mind. If you have a solid mass, you may not be open to change, and typically resist it keeping you in a comfortable bubble that never changes, doing the same thing day in and day out. A more fluid, or even airy mass would mean you can conform or better adapt to your surroundings and make them work for you. Velocity: Is simply the direction you are going and how much distance you cover in a given time. Are you going up, down, in circles? Take a look at your life and measure your progress and think about velocity. And Acceleration (your speed 2) times that aforementioned mass, will give you Force.


Now that the math part is over, let’s make it a bit simpler. Force can be considered as your personal Life Force. The Drive that wakes you up, The “WHY” to keep going, the desire to take on new experiences, and write new chapters in your life book. Is your life force dormant, though you are getting up and completing tasks daily, are you truly covering any ground? Let’s focus on that life force and how to harness it to increase our velocity, which has a direct relation to accelerating exponentially. As you increase velocity in most cases, you find yourself encountering friction which would be the enemy in this scenario. Friction makes things warm, it wears you out, it makes you wonder should you slow down, change direction, or just stop. NO! Your Life force must be strong enough to overcome these thoughts, and misleading views of friction. That’s where your mass, state of mind, comes in. As you encounter more enemies, and more forces working against you, it takes a conscious and persistent development of the mind and will power to harness adequate life Force to overcome them.


  • LAW #3 When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body exerts a force equal in magnitude, and opposite in direction on the first body.

Wait a minute Newton, so you’re telling me even when I want to move just a little, I have an enemy force just waiting to work against me? For lack of a better phrase, this actually just sucks. Or does it? Knowing that you will always have a force acting against you at any level, any stage, any direction, prepares you to learn how to develop momentum. You notice how it’s difficult to get started, but as you progress: developing your mass, picking up velocity and acceleration, creating a viable Life Force, you create momentum.


Yes momentum, this is such a great word to relate to the ongoing March Madness right now. When a basketball team gets “hot” their forced turnovers, increase in 2/3 point shots, and fast breaks create a momentum that allows them to perform at their top levels. You’ll notice their “enemies” try to stop this momentum by calling a timeout to catch you off your game. Though they have a team that’s exerting an equal and opposite force against them, because they have mastered the concept of the other objects of motion relativity they perform at a level that overcomes their enemies at a constant rate. Once you recognize your enemies, you expose their weaknesses and strengthen yourself to defeat that “so-called” equal and opposite force.



So how do the laws apply to your life? Are your enemies acting against you in a way that’s keeping you motionless? Are they convincing you that change or growth would be too hard and cause additional stress? Are you currently accelerating, but lack momentum? Do you welcome change and the challenges that come into your life?   Good questions to meditate on for some time. However, I leave you with this. The Necessity of Enemies is crucial to personal, professional, and purpose-driven life. Don’t try to avoid challenges, otherwise you’ll find yourself in a vacuum of sameness.

Dare to Dream. Dare to Go. Dare to Grow.


With Passion, Purpose, & Pride,

 Trent J ACEO